Tzedek – Help People In Need with Free Donations

The Hebrew word tzedakah (from the root tzedek) literally means “righteousness” and expands upon the concept of charity. We are each obligated to participate in our world and strive, through righteous deeds, to make it a better place. This page includes links to web-click donation sites and a few of my favorite organizations. If you’d like to propose a site for me to add or report broken links, email me.

Categories of Links for Making Free Donations

Help Animals
Animal Rescue Site
Big Cats Help
Jane Goodall Institute (help primates)
Pets in Need
Protect Wolves
Save Baby Seals
Save Chimps

Help the Environment
Ecology Fund
Ocean Help
Rainforest Help
Rainforest Site
Save Rainforest
Stop Global Warming

Help Fight Cancer
Breast Cancer Help
Breast Cancer Site
Click to Cure Cancer Site

Help Fight Hunger
Free Rice – play games to fight hunger
Hunger Fighters
Hunger Site

Help Kids and Literacy
Child Health Site
Help Children in Need
Literacy Site
Stop Violence

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