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  2. Ja, toll, ich muss mir hier fehlende Inflationsraten vorwerfen lassen und du guckst dann fein Rugby. ;): Im Ernst, würde mich interessieren. Vlt. müsste man sowas mal von vielen Quellen sammeln und vergleichen … hm. Projekt, ich kann dich hören … ;)

    1. Gorgeous! That's so funny because I am holding a Revlon Just Bitten Giveaway (& Nail polish) that's ending in a few days.Enter to win, it's super easy to. Love your nails, they're flawless!

  3. This is such an interesting and timely post for me. First, I homeschool. While we did study the Medieval period a couple of years ago, we then dove into Exploration. This year we’ll be focusing on the Renaissance by first reexamining the Medieval period. What a great insight we can look for. Thank you. And second, as a writer, I often use themes of the individual and community in my books. While I don’t think I’ll go as far back as this in my work, any additional understanding of the concept can’t help but inform my fiction. Thanks again.

  4. Lorelle’s Blogging Challenge for this week is to list your top 10 blogging goals for this year. How did she know I need to make some order out of the mess that is my online life? Anyway, thanks for the push, Lorelle! The last blogging challenge I took up was her Treasure Hunt. As you can see, I haven’t gotten very far, but I figure I can make that my first goal.  So here are my blogging goals for 2007:

  5. Jeez! Another great story Snowman! How did you get to the bottom of this? Again, your employment baffles me!Keep up the great work. If this writing thing doesn’t work out for you, you can clearly be a top notch detective. Jeez! A true artist you are.

  6. Je trouve absurde d’exiger que les étudiants soient presents au cours. Pour ma part ce que je supporte mal ce sont ceux qui viennent et bavardent pendant le cours. mais ceux qui sont absent ne me gènent pas du tout. Ceux qui ne viennent pas et réussissent leurs examens sont corrects, ceux qui ne viennent pas et ratent leurs examens doivent voir comment corriger le tir

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