Free Care for Lebanese Wounded in the Current Crisis – in Israel

The Jerusalem Post writes that

Lebanese children and adults wounded in the Hizbullah-Israeli crossfire in Lebanon have been invited to receive free treatment at Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer. The cost will be paid by Jewish and non-Jewish donors in Israel and abroad, hospital director-general Prof. Zev Rothstein said on Sunday.

“We are not to blame for this war. We don’t ask who is to blame,” said Rothstein. “We have an open Jewish heart. Our aim is to save lives and reduce misery. We don’t hate like the terrorists,” he added.

Free medical care to those who need it, regardless of race, religion, nationality or ethnicity. This is a high expression of Jewish values.

Thanks to Israelity who got it from Jewschool.

0 thoughts on “Free Care for Lebanese Wounded in the Current Crisis – in Israel

  1. I’m sorry but if this was truly a sincere gesture then the hospital director would not have added the absolutely stupid comment: “We don’t hate like the terrorists.”

    If you truly want to help a person you don’t do it for a political purpose of showing how much better you are than your enemy. You simply help them because it’s a humane & decent thing to do. You remember Rambam’s saying that the best form of tzedakah is anonymous? Well, the best form of offering help to a wounded enemy is simply to offer w/o comment.

    If I were a wounded Lebanese & read this story I would never take advantage of the offer.

  2. Richard,

    You are correct about the hosptial director’s comment and Rambam’s tzedakah ladder.

    May peace and safety prevail soon for all!

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