Act – Engage with Yourself

Today is the second day of Elul. I’m inspired (as are many others) by the writing and teaching that Imabima continues to do, including coordinating #BlogElul once again this year.  I’m not quite sure how she has the time and energy to do this, for she is a full-time mom, full-time rabbi, full-time spouse, and (as she said) things are a “bit rough” in her world.

Phyllis (Imabima) provided the prompt of “act” for today’s #BlogElul, and so I decided to finally act and return to posting on this blog.  Since I have last posted much has changed in my personal life.  I’ve gotten married and given birth to a son.   I have remained active on twitter and facebook over the past few years, but left this blog quiet.

Elul is a month for introspection, reflection, improvement, and preparation.  Each of these elements requires us to take the time and have the courage to engage with ourselves, to look within, be honest, and do the hard work.  It is not easy to do this.  Perhaps we can take courage from the opening and closing words of Psalm 27, the Psalm we recite daily during this month:

“Adonai is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear…” and “Be strong and let your heart take courage.”

May each of us have the courage to act and fully engage in the introspection, reflection, improvement, and preparation which will help us be fully ready for the Days of Awe.

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