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Israel21c Report for CNN on Coexistence Collaboration

Israel21c has been publishing news about Israel that often goes ignored for years. They do amazing work. Recently, two pieces by an Israel21c reporter were on CNN. One is about some inspiring coexistence work in Lod, a city with many struggles. Watch the report here.  The other is about how two scientists in Israel are making all of the world’s flowers more fragrant.

Watch and enjoy.

Hebrew University and Al-Quds University Issue Joint Statement on Cooperation and Dialogue

The Presidents of Hebrew University (Prof. Menachem Magidor) and Al-Quds University (Prof. Sari Nusseibeh) [If you don’t know, Al-Quds is “The Arab University in Jerusalem”.] issued a joint statement about the importance of working together rather than fostering division and separation (like the AUT boycott has).

[Thank you to Allison Kaplan Sommer for the tip.]

President of Hebrew University President of Al-Quds University

Here is an excerpt of their statement
Cognizant of the moral leadership universities should provide, especially in already turbulent political contexts, we, the President of Al-Quds University and the President of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, have agreed to insist on continuing to work together in the pursuit of knowledge, for the benefit of our peoples and the promotion of peace and justice in the Middle East.

Our position is based upon the belief that it is through cooperation based on mutual respect, rather than through boycotts or discrimination, that our common goals can be achieved. Bridging political gulfs – rather than widening them further apart – between nations and individuals thus becomes an educational duty as well as a functional necessity, requiring exchange and dialogue rather than confrontation and antagonism. Our disaffection with, and condemnation of acts of academic boycotts and discrimination against scholars and institutions, is predicated on the principles of academic freedom, human rights, and equality between nations and among individuals.

We therefore call upon academics here and worldwide to act in support of our mission, as one which might allow for ending our shared tragedy rather than prolonging it.

You can read the whole statement on An Unsealed Room

Israeli & Palestinian Radio!

While catching up on my blogs this morning after shabbat and a 14-hour workday on Sunday, I read Richard’s post on All for Peace Radio, a radio station jointly run and programed by Israelis and Palestinians. Their stated purpose includes:

joint radio station broadcasting in Hebrew, Arabic and English, which aimed at a wide audience amongst both people and provides messages of peace, cooperation, mutual understanding, coexistence and hope.

The goals of the project include:

1. exposure of the various aspects of each side to the other side
2. exposure of interviewees, artists and topics of each side to the other side
3. emphasis on the different and the similar
4. breaking of stereotypes existing on both sides
5. discussion of common interests such as health, environment, culture, transportation, economy, etc.
6. exposure and reporting on joint initiatives and projects and on alternative ideas for the conclusion of the conflict
7. providing hope to the listeners
8. preparing listeners towards “the morning after” the conflict

I’m listening as I write this blog – go listen!