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More on the loss of Eldad & Udi

Today the Jewish world continued to mourn the deaths of Eldad and Udi.  I hope that more than the Jewish world care and are thinking of them.

This is one of the days when I accutely feel far away from Israel.  I wish my aliyah was already complete and I could have been there today.  Reading accounts of the funerals helps, yet doing so increases my saddness.

Some links:

Ha’aretz on the funerals including some quotes from the eulogies and families

JPost on the funerals

JPost story, including a heartbreaking story about how Udi was nearly released from his miluyim (reserve duty).


Udi & Eldad are dead.  My heart breaks.  I can’t get Karnit Goldwasser (Udi’s [z”l] wife) out of my mind.  It seems like yesterday that she asked me and a room full of people to raise awareness, write letters and pray for her husband, for Eldad and for Gilad along with all of Israel’s kidnapped soldiers. Since the day that I met Karnit I wore a dogtag with the names of the 3 missing soldiers on it.  I rarely took it off.  She asked us to wear it until her husband came home.  When I woke up yesterday morning, the chain had broken.  How symbolic.

[A few links about the return of their bodies: Ha’aretzJPost story with reactions from the families, blogger Aussie Dave]

Update: I’ve been listening to Galgalatz all day today (thank you Israel Radio Toolbar!) with the sad songs resonating through me, pulling at my heart strings and raising tears.

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