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On Munich & London

I’ve been thinking about the 11 Israeli athletes and coaches who were murdered during the Munich Olympics 40 years ago.  They traveled to the games in the olympic spirit, to perform and coach at their best and instead they were brutally murdered in an act of terrorism.

I am disgusted and saddened that International Olympic Committee staunchly refuses to allow even one minute – 60 seconds – of silence to acknowledge the tragedy, to remember the lessons (hopefully) learned from it and to honor the lives lost.  One minute of a 3-hour opening ceremony is not a great sacrifice.  Such minutes of silence have been done during opening ceremonies.

I encourage you to read an article in Tablet Magazine by scholar and professor Deborah Lipstat titled “Jewish Blood Is Cheap: The real reason the Olympic Committee refuses to commemorate the Israeli athletes murdered in Munich.”

A number of years ago, I had the honor of meeting Daniel Alon, Israeli Olympian and Fencer.  A member of the ’72 Israeli team, he was in an apartment in the athletes village that was not immediately overtaken by the terrorists.  He and a few others were able to escape from the hostage-takers and survive.  Mr. Alon spoke at Miami University, sharing his story with students, faculty, staff and community members, telling of their horror, the loss of their teammates and friends, and the pain of the denial of the tragedy by the olympic officials.  (Read more in the Miami Student report.)

I usually watch the olympics and cheer for the athletes.  I admire their dedication, perseverance and talent.  The olympic ideal of sport above politics has potential to make an impact on the world.  How sad it is that the olympic officials themselves have chosen politics over the olympic ideals.

Because of the blatant disregard by the IOC for the spirit of the games, the dedication of the athletes and the importance of honoring all participants – – I will not watch these olympic games.

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May the memories of those lost be an inspiration.

More on the Horrors in Mumbai

Shabbat’s usual rest and joy was, of course, overshadowed by the tragedy of the horrific terrorism in Mumbai.  As of the writing of this email, at least 195 are dead and hundreds injured.  The mourners are only just beginning to be able to be aware that their loved one is (or horribly in some cases loved ones are) dead.

Latest News Includes:

NYTimes – India Faces Reckoning as Terror Toll Eclipses 170

Ha’aretz – 9 Dead in Mumbai Chabad House Attack

Poingnat & Heartbreaking

BBC Video of Rabbi Holtzberg z”l and his son Moshe two months before the attack.

The death, destruction and human devastation of these attacks weighs heavily on my heart and spirit as we begin this new week.

Post from Baka Diary

With thoughts and prayers for all those affected by the Mumbai attacks.


Ynet story on the Chabad attack with pictures (some a bit graphic).

Terrorism Tragedy in Mumbai

The news out of Mumbai, India, continues to be devastating.  Sustained two days of terror attacks on the diverse people living in & visiting Mumbai.  All accounts suggest that this terrorist attack has been long-planned and researched, resulting in the terrorists seeming to have the upper hand.  My thoughts and prayers all with all people impacted by this terror attack.

A few news reports on the attack:

BBC Main Site on the Attacks in Mumbai (sub-sites from many perspectives as well)

Ha’artez – India Declines Assistance from Israel

Ha’aretz – 5 Hostages & 2 Terrorists Dead in Chabad Jewish Center

Ha’aretz – Mumbai Attacks Send Shock Waves through Chabad Community

Ha’aretz – Analysis – Israel Cannot Defend Itself Against Such Attacks

Chabad main website, Chabad blog on the Mumbai tragedy

The Israel Situation blog on the attacks

Jerusalem Post – 4 Israelis Rescued from the Oberoi Hotel

May Shabbat bring an end to the attack and may all those searching for loved ones hear good news soon.


Jerusalem Post – Background: Islamic Terrorism Helped Bring Together Israel and India

CNN site on the attacks

I’ve just heard on CNN that no one (except the youngest child of the Rabbi and his wife who escaped with his nanny earlier in the crisis) survived in the Chabad center.  Baruch dayan ha-emet.  May G-d care for their souls and be with their families.

New York Times (frequently updated) blog

Muslims Against Sharia Blog on the Mumbai Attacks

A New Kind of Terrorist Attack in Israel

Terror has again struck central Jerusalem. This time it appears that a terrorist used (it is still unknown if the terrorist stole the tractor or worked on a construction site or how he got it) a buldozer as his terrorist weapon.  As the story is coming out now (it is only an hour or so since it happened) he plowed the buldozer into the back of an Israeli bus and other vehicles on Jaffa Road in Jerusalem.

Since I have been writing this post, the death toll from this terrorist attack has gone from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 (update) with some news agencies reporting 3.  At least 66 are injured.

News stories:

JPost (English), Haaretz (English), and Walla (Hebrew), Pictures from the JPost, Ma’ariv story with emergency contact numbers (Hebrew),

More later. May G-d be with those injured, those murdered, all the families and the first responders.

Update: According to the Jerusalem Post, the terrorist in the bulldozer was armed and shot one of the police who trying to stop him. The terroist was killed. The policeman was only lightly injured. The terrorist was apparently from East Jerusalem and carried an Israeli identity card.

They think that the bulldozer was from the rail construction project in Jerusalem.