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On the Devastation in Japan

The devastation and destruction in Japan from Friday’s earthquake and tsunami are overwhelmingly unbelievable.   My heart breaks for those in northern Japan, their friends, family and compatriots every time I see pictures, read a news story or watch video.  At times like these it may seem like there is little to do. We can help from near or far by assisting with the relief effort, by reaching out in support to those who are still looking for loved ones, by reaching out to those who have received the terrible news of the death of a loved one and by donating to one of the many organizations collecting funds and goods for the relief effort.

We can also take action at home, wherever we are. We can become more aware about earthquake risks where we are (faults exist even in the the middle of the US of A), we can educate ourselves about what to do in an earthquake, we can reach out to those in need in our own community who may be dealing with quieter struggles that aren’t splashed on the news. We can pray. We can study. We can engage with the teachings of our tradition. We can act on behalf of the environment.

May each of us choose to do what we can to help bring peace, hope, healing and justice to our world.